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Providing virtual administrative solutions for

Small Businesses. Solo-preneurs. Ministries. And More.

Does running your business have you spinning in circles? Are you over-worked, under-slept, missing appointments, and forgetting to follow-up? The whirlwind of business management requires you to go full-speed, but how efficient can you be when that whole "clerical thing" just isn't your forte? 


No matter who you are or what you do for a living, the great equalizer of us all is that we're given the same 24 hours and 7 days to be great.  Just imagine how much more you could accomplish if you had an extension of yourself... a behind the scenes rock star assistant who literally gives you back valuable time to manage your business optimally. Fervent Spirit Administrative Consulting will free your hands and brain space to vet new business ventures, prepare for client meetings, head out on stress-free business travel, or enjoy much needed leisure time.


Got a lot to get done but only 24/7 to do it? Then take your time... literally!


of Having a Virtual Assistant

Well, I'm virtual!

  • Your office is there. My office is anywhere. Have wi-fi, will work!

Low-to-Zero Overhead Costs

  • No additional work space, office equipment, supplies, or breakroom Keurig machines needed. 

Clients are not responsible for:

  • Payroll taxes, Insurance, or Benefits packages. You're only paying for my work. Anything else is on me.

Hiring Fervent Spirit Administrative Consulting is a no frills collaboration. No hand holding, no supervision, no prima donna demands!




  • Multiple plans tiered to suit your administrative needs from simple to complex.


  • Select an individual service block(s) or "Build-a-Tier" to tailor a Package for your custom fit.


  • Special projects that require dedicated focus time. This is actually my favorite! I love niche' projects that push my creativity.



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