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How do I pay for your subscription?

 You may choose to pay via your Paypal account or your credit card. We send the invoice via email so we do not have any access on your secured information. Once paid, we send you a payment acknowledgement receipt via email and our HR team starts preparing on the work credentials credentials of your hired VA.

Which is better, your weekly plan or monthly invoice plan?

 Weekly plan suits budget-entrepreneurs best, with this type of invoice plan, weekly invoice are sent to your email for you to settle so that your hired VA will be able to continue their ongoing work project. A monthly invoice plan on the other hand, are best fit for those busy entrepreneurs who wants to receive just one monthly invoice instead of 4 weekly separate invoice. This saves them time and effort to settle their bill and makes sure that the VA’s work is not interrupted in any way.

Do I get billed automatically, either I choose a weekly or a monthly plan?

 You don’t get billed automatically, however we sent you a weekly report of your prepaid subscription hours for your monitoring purposes. Once the prepaid hours are nearly consumed, Payroll department will send you an invoice via email for another set of your weekly or monthly subscription hours that you need to settle to ensure continuous work of your hired VA.

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